GPL-ed My 2D Tile Based Map Editor

As I’ve started to consider getting back into computer work, I’m trying to refresh my memory and grow further. Today I released, with the GPLv3 license, a 2D tile based map editor I wrote in C# WinForms. If you are into software and game development this might be of interest to you! The video doesn’t go into programming, but I describe what it is currently capable of. Maybe in the future I’ll do a video series explaining the code. I’ll also be looking through my software library to see if there is anything else I can release to the world under a GPLv3 license.


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I wrote most of this around 2014 or 2015 with the intent to use it for a game a friend and I were going to make, but that didn’t happen. A few years later I ended up improving it a bit and using it in the development of an Android game (that is in an unfinished state). It’s nothing spectacular, but it is functional. I’m licensing this as GPLv3, so anything you do with it must also be under the same open license. You will have to offer up your changes to the world.

* Loading and saving XML based map files.
* Can handle multiple layers of tiles.
* Tiles can be collidable.
* Tiles can have multiple custom properties applied to them.
* Maps can have custom properties applied to them.

I’d like to make a series of future videos going over the code, but we’ll see.

I last worked on this in Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition with C# and WinForms, so you will likely need that to check it out.