A few mishaps while getting the site ready

The ajax/json site is fully functional now. I had a few problems though that I’ll discuss here.

First off, the simple hosting that is provided my my isp isn’t working correctly, so I had to look for an alternative host to do testing on. I found 50webs.com which provides 60mb of free bannerless hosting. They even allow you to use domain names with their free service, which is great. I got that setup and now my sister’s site (while slow) is on there and directly uses the domain name.

Today I showed the site to a friend, who in turn said that it didn’t work. He was using IE7. I use Firefox usually and had not gotten around to trying the completed site on different browsers… Anyways I figured out the problem and the site now works on Firefox2/Opera9/IE6/IE7.

What caused IE6 and 7 to not display the site? It seems that IE requires a new AJAX object for every request. I had it setup initially to define one AJAX object when the page loaded and reuse it. I also had an extra comma character in one of the json files that completely stopped IE from working (actually a good thing).

Now I can start working on the client application. I’ve decided to use VB.net instead of C# this time, so I can get more practice with it.