VB.NET is a pleasure

I started using VB.NET to write that JSON/FTP/site editor program. I found a free ready made library to work with the JSON data. It’s from Newtonsoft Really easy to use. They don’t have much documentation, but just looking through the library with IntelliSense in the VB IDE is more than enough to understand how to use it. With around 6 lines of code I can flip data between CLR objects and JSON. Very nice!

I used VB.NET 2003 version about a year ago for the final group project in the last computer class I had. It didn’t seem as easy to use as the 2005 express version I am using now. It’s probably because that was my first foray into using .NET… anyways.

A a quick term list:

  • CLR = common language runtime
  • JSON = JavaScript object notation
  • IDE = integrated development environment
  • FTP = file transfer protocol
  • VB = Visual Basic programming language (.NET version)
  • IntelliSense = One of the ways Microsoft makes coding easier in the IDE.