EasyPHP, Wordpress, and Permalinks

I’m creating a website as a favor to a friend. To save effort, I’m just doing the development on my Windows computer. While doing that, I ran into a little issue with permalinks that seems to be unique to how EasyPHP is configured.

While I won’t go into much detail on the subject, I re-affirmed the fact that WordPress is as close to as ideas as one can get when wanting to setup a basic website. I tried out probably 10 open source CMS systems and found them too complex (the admin back-ends) or too buggy to be used. Keep in mind that the website I am setting up requires only basic functionality (informational pages, a image gallery, good admin, stable code), which is what I am basing my opinion off of.

What brings me to my post today is that I used EasyPHP (a simple Apache, MySql installer and admin) to act as the local web server for testing.

I was having issues with getting permalinks working. There was one gotcha that doesn’t apply to other webserver installers.

What I did to make it work:
Edit the Apache httpd.conf file (right click on the tray icon, select Configuration and then Apache):

Uncomment this line by removing the # in front of it:

LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so

Search for <Directory /> and then make sure that “AllowOverride All” is “All” and not “none.”  Also make sure that “Allow from All” is not “Deny from All”

<Directory />  Options FollowSymLinks  AllowOverride All  Order deny,allow  Allow from all</Directory>

For whatever reason that Deny from all is set, which took me a while to figure out and change. All of the related guides on the internet were using different installers, that don’t have the same issue.

Edit: I noticed that changing that makes some of the EasyPHP functionality inoperable… might be looking for a different setup.